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Laboratory Accreditation Body Committee

This committee develops the standard for operation of laboratory accreditation bodies.

Conference Calls: 3rd Tuesday, 11 am ET

Contact the Committee Chair or Program Administrator to request to participate for these calls.


On September 20, 2011, the On-Site Assessment Committee was merged with the Laboratory Accreditation Body Committee. The minutes and documents produced by the On-Site Assessment Committee are included below.

On June 9, 2010, this committee was renamed the Laboratory Accreditation Body Committee to reflect a change in the TNI bylaws. Documents such as meeting minutes may show the previous name of this committee, Accreditation Body Committee.


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As a means to improve the quality and consistency of environmental data throughout the United States and to foster the mutual recognition of laboratory accreditation by Accreditation Bodies, the mission of the TNI Laboratory Accreditation Body Committee is to develop and support accreditation standards by engaging industry experts in a consensus-based standards development process.

  • Using ISO standards as a model this committee will develop and maintain a module to address the programmatic requirements for accreditation bodies.
  • As needed, support these accreditation standards with appropriate training, guidance and other materials to facilitate implementation and adoption of these standards on a national level.
  • Further refine the consensus-based accreditation standards that are consistent with other national and international standards and cost effective, avoiding unnecessary duplication and non-value added requirements.
  • Continually evaluate and establish success measures to target opportunities for improvement.
  • Establish and maintain an environment for standards development that will ensure continual improvement of accreditation standards that are aligned with the regulatory and industry specific requirements.
  • Utilize existing and future TNI infrastructure and resources to accomplish mission.

Carl Kircher, Chair
Florida DOH
Jacksonville, FL

Lynn Bradley, Program Administrator
The NELAC Institute
Staunton, VA

Bill Batschelet
US EPA Region 8 Lab
Golden, CO

Catherine Katsikis
Royal Palm Beach, FL

Marlene Moore
Advanced Systems, Inc.
Newark, DE

Mei Beth Shepherd
Shepherd Technical Services
Austin, TX

Aurora Shields
City of Lawrence
Lawrence, KS


Sample Checklists and Forms for Use by Lab Assessors in NELAP Accreditation Bodies, based on the 2003 NELAC Standard
These are checklists and forms developed and used by laboratory assessors in the state NELAP Accreditation Bodies. They are not meant to be mandatory, but are posted here so that other assessors may use them or modify them for other ABs to use in assessments, if desired.

Lab Assessment Checklists, from NH AB (coming soon) 

FL Assessor Checklist.doc
  NELAP Assessment Confidentiality Notice
  On-Site Laboratory Assessment Appraisal Form
  Closing Conference (Exit Interview) Checklist

FL Pre-Assessment Checklist.doc
  Florida Pre-Assessment Checklist

ABC Presentation at the TNI Forum, Miami, January 2009 (PowerPoint, 441KB)

ABC Draft Criteria on Associate Affiliate Members (Excel, 16Kb)

Chapter 6 of the 2003 NELAC standard contained procedural language that this committee believes does not belong in the TNI standard. This language is summarized in the two spreadsheets below.

Chapter 6 Unresolved Items (Excel, 119Kb)
Chapter 6 Analysis (Excel, 178Kb)

Guidance Documents

Basic Assessor Training Course Curriculum (PDF, 246KB)
Technical Training Course Curricula for Environmental Lab Assessors (PDF, 264KB)
On-Site Assessment of Environmental Laboratories (PDF, 177KB)