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Laboratory Accreditation System Executive Committee
Tue - Oct 24 1:30 PM
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Consensus Standards Development
Executive Committee

This Executive Committee consists of five (5) to ten (10) members with one representative from each Expert Committee, one member from the Executive Committee of all other core programs, plus additional At-Large members representing other interests.

Conference Calls: 2nd Thursday, 1 pm ET

Contact the Committee Chair or Program Administrator to participate in the calls of this committee.

Note: On June 9, 2010, this committee was renamed the Consensus Standards Development Executive Committee to reflect a change in the TNI bylaws. Documents such as meeting minutes may show the previous name of this committee, Consensus Standards Development Board.


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Mission Statement: To guide the Consensus Standards Development Program in the development and maintenance of standards.


  • Develop policies and procedures that guide standards development
  • Ensure consensus standards development is in conformance with applicable policies and procedures
  • Provide oversight, guidance, and direction to the Expert Committees
  • Ensure consistency and uniformity between the standards, including interaction with other boards, committees, and interested parties as required
  • Evaluate the need for new standards

Success Measures:

  • Timely development of standards
  • Development of standards consistent with relevant national and international standards and guidelines where appropriate
  • Adoption of the standards by TNI and/or other interested parties
  • Implementation of the standards

Key Milestones:

  • Membership vote on adoption of Environmental Sector (ES) Final Standard (FS) modules - Spring 2007
  • Adoption of FSMO Final Standard - May 2007
  • Adoption of ES Vol 2, Mods 2 and 3 - May 2007
  • Publication of remaining ES Draft Interim Standard (DIS) Modules - June 2007
  • Completed vote on ES DIS modules - July 2007
  • Adoption of remaining ES Final Standards - December 2007
  • Membership vote on Stationary Source Audit Sample (SSAS) Voting Draft Standard - June 2009
  • Completion of editorial changes/TIAs on ES Final standard - July 2009
  • Adoption of SSAS Final Standard - September 2009
  • Implementation of  Environmental Sector standard by NELAP - July 2010
  • Address Tentative Interim Amendments from Expert Committees to resolve issues regarding implementation of the TNI standard by 7/1/2011 - On-going
  • Review and approve annual charters for Expert Committee - March 2011
  • Approve new Environmental Measurement Methods Expert Committee - January 2011
  • Revise SOPs as necessary and appropriate - as required

Committee members are volunteers; limited funding. Committee consists of 3 at-large members and the Chairs of all Expert Committees. Balance is not a requirement of the Consensus Standards Development Executive Committee

Available Resources:

  • Volunteer committee members
  • TNI Infrastructure
  • Environmental technical community
  • Expert committees and support
  • Teleconference services
  • Administrative support
  • Technical editor support

Additional Resources Required:

  • Travel funding

Anticipated Meeting Schedule:

  • Monthly teleconferences
  • Face to Face meetings during the semiannual TNI Forums
Additional teleconferences and/or face-to-face meetings as needed

Robert Wyeth, Chair
Pace Analytical Services, Inc.
West Seneca, NY

Ken Jackson, Program Administrator
The NELAC Institute
Ballston Spa, NY

JoAnn Boyd, At Large Member
Southwest Research Institute
San Antonio, TX

Justin Brown, Chair Field Activities Committee

Richard Burrows, Chair Chemistry
Expert Committee

Arvada, CO

Robin Cook, Chair Microbiology
Expert Committee

City of Daytona Beach EML
Daytona Beach, FL

Jessica Evans, At Large Member

Jeff Flowers, Chair Laboratory Accreditation
Body Committee

Flowers Chemical Laboratories, Inc.
Altamonte Springs, FL

Paul Junio, Chair Laboratory Quality
Systems Committee

Northern Lake Service
Waukesha, WI

Shawn Kassner, Chair Laboratory Proficiency
Testing Expert Committee


Bob Shannon, Chair Radiochemistry
Expert Committee

Quality Radioanalytical Support, LLC
Grand Marais, MN

Tom Widera, Chair Stationary Source Audit
Sample Expert Committee

Golden, CO

Current Projects:

Evaluation of proposal for taxonomy standard
Finalization of TNI standards for release

Current Needs: