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Information Technology Committee

The Information Technology Committee is an unrestricted committee that has members who have the interest and skill set in working on this committee. Note: The IT Administrator of The NELAC Institute shall be an ex officio member of this committee. The Information Technology Committee will:

Conference Calls: 3rd Thursday, 3 pm ET

Contact the Committee Chair or Program Administrator to request to participate for these calls.

Committee Membership

Most of the work of TNI is done by volunteers working on committees tasked with specific functions. If you are interested in actively helping our organization, complete a TNI Committee Application (opens in a separate window). Participation on TNI committees is described in Operations of TNI Committees.



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Mission Statement

To support the information technology needs of TNI members and programs through a user-friendly and attractive communications center and database.


  • Accurately and positively present TNI to the public in general and laboratories and data users in particular with a user-friendly, functional website
  • House TNI news, standards and information
  • Provide means of communication to and among members and to labs, governmental programs and the public
  • Provide member services (e.g., membership applications)
  • Promote TNI events (e.g., electronic registration, posting agendas)
  • Maintain the TNI Laboratory Accreditation Management System (LAMS)
  • Maintain codes (methods, analytes, technologies)
  • Provide web-based education and training to members, labs

Success Measures

  • Continued increase in the number of people accessing the site
  • Continued increase in the number of new members joining
  • Continued increase in the number of postings on forums
  • Full participation of all ABs in LAMS
  • Generic Lab Application is available for use by the laboratory
  • Ninety percent of methods will be included in the Methods Compendium

Goals (significant events)

  • Generic Laboratory Application developed and implemented
  • Implementation of web apps during meetings
  • Methods Compendium developed and implemented

Considerations (assumptions/constraints/obstacles/risks)

  • Committee members are volunteers; typical database issues. AB limitations in uploading data to database

Available Resources

  • Reasonable funding

Anticipated Meeting Schedule

  • Conference call 3rd Thursday of each month, 3 pm Eastern time

Historical IT Committee Key Milestones

Launch of TNI website November 2006 (CE site)
William Daystrom selected as contractor January 2008
Migration of NELAC information April 2008
New website implemented June 2008
Membership system live June 2008
e-Commerce system (online purchases of Standards & Templates) live July 2008
Member Directory active November 2008
New Voting System implemented March 2009
SLAG Bulletin Board in place May 2009
Merger of National Database and Website Committees September 2009
Document Library live November 2009
LAMS live Mid-2010
Standard Interpretation Request System active September 2010
Education Delivery System active April 2011
Accreditation/Certification Program Profiles Database active August 2011
TNI Mobile App implemented August 2012
Stationary Source Audit Sample Program (SSAS) Central Database July 2013
Information Technology Committee Charter, version 4, dated 1/22/2014

John Kuhn, Chair
Jacksonville, FL

William Daystrom
The NELAC Institute
Seal Beach, CA

Nick Evans
Jacksonville, FL

Maria Friedman
State Water Resources Control Board
Glendale, CA

Dan Hickman
The NELAC Institute
Portland, OR

Jerry Parr
The NELAC Institute
Weatherford, TX

Mei Beth Shepherd
Shepherd Technical Services
Austin, TX

Rip Starr
Alabama Dept of Environmental Mgmt
Montgomery, AL

Keith Ward
Wibby Environmental
Golden, CO

Adobe PDF format
QA Plan (415KB - opens in a new window)  
Adobe PDF format
Database Development Plan (113KB - opens in a new window)  
Microsoft Excel format
Retired NELAP Analyte Codes (42KB - opens in a new window)  

NELAP Method Codes Request Form
The TNI National Database committee has developed a form to allow an individual to request a method to be added to the national database that is under development.