Presentations at the Forum on Laboratory Accreditation

Denver, Colorado
January 29 through February 2 2007

Opening Plenary Session
Partnering NELAC and INELA , Dave Speis

TNI The New Organization
, Judy Duncan

TNI Accreditation Standards , Ken Jackson

Laboratory Mentoring Session

Laboratory Procedures

Laboratory Mentor Session January 29, 2007

Analyst Proficiency

Accreditation Body Mentoring Session

Proficiency Testing Management, David Caldwell/ Bill Hall

Proficiency Testing Session February 2, 2007

Secondary Accreditation

Assessor Forum
Water Methods Update Rule, Barbara Escobar

Microbiological Testing, Carl Kircher

The Art of Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Silky Labie

Consistency and Interpretation of Assessments, Bob Di Reinzo

Common Findings in Laboratory Assessments, Jack Farrell

Closing Plenary

Committee Reports

The Formation of the NELAC Institute
, Jerry Parr