Presentations at the Forum for Laboratory Accreditation
Newport Beach CA
January 2008

General Presentations

The TNI Strategic Planning Effort

Update on the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

Update on the Consensus Standards Development Program

Update on the Proficiency Testing Program

Update on the Laboratory Accreditation System Program

New TNI Policies

Update on the Technical Assistance Program

Update on the Advocacy Program


Presentations at the Assessment Forum

Assessment Forum Agenda

Conducting a Successful Management Review

Alternative Sample Matrix/QC Models

Effective Manual Integration Review and Documentation

Effectively Closing Out Corrective Actions

Overview of TNI Standards for Field Sampling & Measurement

Auditing ICP Metals (200.7 and 6010B)

Auditing an Analytical Method

Small Laboratory Challenges

Assessing Sample Matrix Effects


Mentor Session

The On Site Assessment: Do's and Don'ts

Complying With the Confusing Requirements for LOD, LOQ, and Verification of Reporting

Data Usability, A Case Study