Presentations at the 2010 winter meeting included:

General Session
Activities of EPAs Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board (ELAB), David Speis
Update on TNI, Jerry Parr
Assessment Forum

Assessing Continuous Improvement, Bob DiRienzo
Topics of Confusion for Assessors and Laboratories, Bob DiRienzo and Silky Labie
Best Practices for Audit Consistency, Barbara Escobar and Silky Labie

Updates on Methodology and Initiatives
SW-846 method clarifications and initiatives, Kim Kirkland
Drinking Water methods and flexibility, Greg Carrol
The Role of the State Lab Association in the Environmental Testing Industry
OELA Oregon Environmental Lab Association, Jan Wilson
MELA - Michigan Environmental Lab Association, Peter Priniski
NYAAEL - New York Association of Approved Environmental Labs & PaAAEL - Pennsylvania Association of Approved Environmental Labs, Judy Graves
Virginia Lab Practices Committee, Stacie Metzler
WELA - Wisconsin Environmental Lab Association, Paul Junio
Mentor Session: Detection and Quantitation Limits

Concepts of Detection, Richard Burrows

TNI Limit of Detection, Brooke Connor

Verification Options for LOD, Richard Burrows

Suggested Procedures for LOQ, Brooke Connor