Presentations at the 2010 summer meeting included:

Assessment Forum
Consistency Improvement Task Force (CITF), Alfredo Sotomayor
Helping ABs Manage the Chaos, CITF
Consistency of On-Site Assessments of Laboratories, CITF
Consistancy: A Laboratory Perspective, CITF
Measurement of Uncertainty
LOQ Reporting for PT Samples

Mentor Session: Methods Panel
New ASTM methods MUR 2010, William Lipps
Update to SW-846, Kim Kirkland, USEPA ORCR
Clean Water Act: Analytical Methods Activities, Lemuel Walker, USEPA OST
USEPA Drinking Water Method Update, Greg Carroll
Standard Methods: Current and Future Directions, Andrew Eaton, Ph.D., et al

An Overview of EPA's National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program, Paul Cestone, USEPA

Mentor Session: Technical Assistance Committee
DOC 101 - Reading Between the Lines, Silky S. Labie
Topics in the New TNI Laboratory Accreditation Standards, Betsy Kent

TNI Committee Presentations
NEFAP, NEFAP Executive Committee and Field Activities Expert Committee
Laboratory Accreditation System Executive Committee, June Flowers
Policy Committee, Alfredo Sotomayor
Proficiency Testing Executive Committee, Eric Smith

A2LA TNI PT Oversight Program, Dan Tholen
Cryptosporidium Proficiency Test Program for Laboratories using US EPA Method 1623

Proficiency Testing Expert Committee, Kirstin McCracken

EPA's Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board
ELAB Recommendations to the USEPA Office of Water for the Certification of Laboratories Analyzing Drinking Water

EPA's Water Laboratory Alliance
Tools, Exercises, and Ongoing Research, Terry Smith, Latisha Mapp, Adrian Hanley, Greg Beuemel