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Changes to the TNI Laboratory Accreditation Standard
Complete Series


The 2016 TNI laboratory accreditation standard is the result of efforts to continually improve the requirements. This standard clarifies the proficiency testing requirements, improves the sections on method validation, instrument calibration and detection/quantitation limits for chemistry and contains completely rewritten sections for microbiology and radiochemistry.

This training series consists of the four classes listed below:

Module 1: Proficiency Testing
Module 2: Quality Systems
Module 5: Microbiology
Module 4: Chemistry

Each class covers the changes from the 2009 TNI Standard to the 2016 TNI Standard. The classes also include implementation tips and examples.

Learning Outcome: For each class, attendees will be able to identify and have a good understanding of the changes to the 2016 TNI Environmental Laboratory Standard.

$120 for TNI members; $180 for non-members.

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No certificates are provided with webcasts. If you wish to receive a Certificate of Completion (CoC) for your records, there will be an additional $15 charge per person per class. A passing score of 7/10 must be received on the exam in order to receive CEUs and a CoC. Scores of less than 7/10 will receive a Certificate of Attendance. Contact Ilona Taunton at and provide a copy of your course receipt, date of course completion after you have completed the class and copy of your completed quiz. 

When requesting certificates for a group, a list of names and email addresses for the group participants who are to receive a certificate must be sent to Ilona Taunton ( when registering for the class(es).

0.15 CEUs for the Proficiency Testing, Quality Systems, and Microbiology classes
0.25 CEUs for the Chemistry class

Group rates are available: Each purchased webcast is to be viewed by only one student. If you would like multiple viewers, separate purchases must be made. A group rate of $500 is available for groups of 5 or more students at a single location. Click hereto purchase this webcast at the group rate.


5 hours 24 minutes

This course is endorsed by TNI but the course material has not been reviewed.

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