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15201/01/2007TNI Forum, Spring 2007, Partnering NELAC and INELAPresentationView
16001/01/2007TNI Forum, Spring 2007, Proficiency TestingPresentationView
15901/01/2007TNI Forum, Spring 2007, Proficiency Testing ManagementPresentationView
16101/01/2007TNI Forum, Spring 2007, Secondary AccreditationPresentationView
16401/01/2007TNI Forum, Spring 2007, The Art of Biochemical Oxygen DemandPresentationView
16801/01/2007TNI Forum, Spring 2007, The Formation of the NELAC InstitutePresentationView
15401/01/2007TNI Forum, Spring 2007, TNI Accreditation StandardsPresentationView
15501/01/2007TNI Forum, Spring 2007, TNI Accreditation StandardsPresentationView
15301/01/2007TNI Forum, Spring 2007, TNI The New OrganizationPresentationView
16201/01/2007TNI Forum, Spring 2007, Water Methods Update RulePresentationView
10201/01/2009TNI Forum, Spring 2009, Implementation of the New TNI Accreditation StandardsPresentationView
10701/01/2009TNI Forum, Spring 2009, Keynote: Implementation of a National Program for the Accreditation of Field Sampling and Measurement OrganizationsPresentationView
10901/01/2009TNI Forum, Spring 2009, Non-Standard MethodsPresentationView
10801/01/2009TNI Forum, Spring 2009, Review of the New TNI PT StandardPresentationView
10501/01/2009TNI Forum, Spring 2009, Status of Potential New Accreditation Bodies - MinnesotaPresentationView
10401/01/2009TNI Forum, Spring 2009, Status of Potential New Accreditation Bodies - VirginiaPresentationView
10601/01/2009TNI Forum, Spring 2009, The Benefits of Laboratory AccreditationPresentationView
10301/01/2009TNI Forum, Spring 2009, TNI Efforts to Assist Small LaboratoriesPresentationView
23001/28/2010TNI Limit of DetectionPresentationView
25112/08/2010TNI Matrix/Technology Table TemplateAccred BodyView