About the Forum on Environmental Accreditation

The NELAC Institute hosts two regularly scheduled meetings per year, typically in January and August. Both are a week long and involve open meetings of the TNI committees as well as training courses and other special sessions. The summer meeting is held in combination with the National Environmental Monitoring Conference.

With over 250 attendees, the Forum on Environmental Accreditation is the only conference that brings laboratories, regulatory agencies, data users, sampling firms, and many other organizations to discuss cutting-edge changes in environmental laboratory accreditation and future directions in policy that will have a national impact. In addition to the committee meetings and general sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to attend technical training courses, see the latest products and services in the industry and be able to network with peers.

Who should attend?

  • Laboratory Scientists, Managers and Directors
  • QA/QC Managers
  • Regulatory Affairs Managers
  • Senior Analysts
  • Field Sampling Management Organizations (FSMO)
  • Students, instructors, researchers, and others in the related academic community
  • Anyone else concerned with environmental monitoring

Why should you attend?

The Forum offers attendees an opportunity to exchange ideas, findings, and recommendations in a professional setting. The strong and diverse program will address a number of timely issues that affect data quality. Training sessions will be offered in conjunction with the meeting. A vendor exhibition will bring the latest in technology and services to the attendees.