Citizen Science and the Nexus with Climate Change

Oral Presentation

Prepared by L. Vinci
Drexel Univ, CNHP, 21 25th Street sw, Roanoke, Virginia, 24014, United States

Contact Information:; 913-535-3091


Two prominent themes and concerns in the environmental health realm are Climate Change and Citizen Science. Our very
noticeable changing climate and its impacts have been recorded in numerous scientific journals and publications.

Not only have researchers and other scientists conducted these studies. These climatic observances have been, and are being, recorded by citizens, community groups, students, and the like across the world.

This paper will discuss the intersections and cross-over between these two modalities. Examples of Citizen Science activities that address Climate Change impacts will be highlighted, and further insights will be presented to the conference audience.

This presentation will link very well with the meeting theme of 'impacting the landscape of science'.