California Laboratory Mentor Initiative: labs helping labs

Oral Presentation

Prepared by C. Sotelo
California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program, 1001 I Street, 17th Floor, Sacramento, California, 95757, United States

Contact Information:; 916-341-5175


In late 2018, California's Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) partnered with California commercial/private laboratory leaders to launch a Mentor Initiative. California environmental regulatory agencies desired data of known and documented quality and the data generated through the implementation of The NELAC Institute (TNI) laboratory standard quality management system (QMS). This oral presentation will tell the story of how California ELAP and commercial/private laboratories mentors partnered with government/municipal laboratories mentees successfully implement TNI's QMS. And with the help of TNI's training tools and templates the Mentor labs During these mentoring visits the mentors can answer questions, help to develop action plans to overcome obstacles, perform external audits and provide training. with the overall goal of improving data quality for critical environmental and public health decision making.