Mark Lupo

Dr. Mark Lupo is a Principle Scientist with Arcadis in Houston, TX and has worked with Arcadis for 20 years and 32 years in Environmental Consulting. Dr. Lupo is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a double major in Applied Mathematics and Earth and Planetary Sciences. He also holds a Doctorate degree in Geophysics from Texas A&M University. At Arcadis, Dr. Lupo has developed the Arcadis Statistical Analysis group, a group of 5 scientists who collaborate to perform trend analysis and interval estimator analysis in all environmental media for clients in all market areas. In addition to environmental statistics, Dr. Lupo has experience in environmental fate and transport modeling. He is frequently called upon to develop methodologies to best manage and evaluate large datasets to drive client decision making through RCRA corrective action.

Contact Information:; 713-953-4722