Cory Rusinek

Cory Rusinek is a Scientist at the Michigan State University-Fraunhofer USA, Inc. Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies. He received his bachelorís degree in Chemistry at Case Western Reserve University and completed his PhD in electroanalytical chemistry at the University of Cincinnati under the direction of Prof. William R. Heineman. Since joining the MSU-Fraunhofer Center, Cory has worked on or initiated several projects including remediation of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in wastewater, wearable sensors for measurements of lead in sweat, and neurotransmitter detection with diamond microfibers. The MSU-Fraunhofer Center is a non-profit R&D organization committed to bridging the research gap between academia and industry. Over 70 MSU students (graduate and undergraduate) work at the Center executing a variety of basic and applied research across various fields of engineering, materials science, physics, and chemistry.

Contact Information:; 517-884-8694