Luke Short

Dr. Luke Chandler Short is the Chemistry Section Manager and Chemical Terrorism response coordinator at the DC Public Health Laboratory of the Department of Forensic Sciences. At this capacity, Dr. Short has founded and manages the Forensic Chemistry Unit, responsible for testing evidence for controlled substances, and the Biomonitoring and Analytical Chemistry Unit, responsible for toxicological testing for exposure to chemical and biological warfare agents. Dr. Short is an on-going technical expert for numerous District-wide legislative efforts on controlled substance classifications, supports outreach to state and federal law enforcement and public health agencies, and is a national expert on synthetic opioid and synthetic cannabinoid detection and classification. Prior to this position, Dr. Short was at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Laboratory Division at Quantico, Virginia. Prior to this, Dr. Short was a Senior Scientist with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington, where he was the Cognitive Space Manager to the High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, and is the lead author on patented ion source designs for mass spectrometry.

Dr. Short has a Philosophical Doctorate in Chemistry and separate Bachelorís Degrees in Biology and Chemistry from University of California, Irvine, and was a Fulbright Scholar on trace environmental pollutants and human toxicants. Dr. Short has over twenty publications in peer-reviewed journals in analytical chemistry.

Contact Information:; 202-481-3577