Joseph M Greenblott

Joseph Greenblott is the Associate Director of the Analysis Division in EPA’s Office of Planning, Analysis and Accountability, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, and a cofounder of -- and EPA representative to -- the public-private Partnership on Technology Innovation and the Environment. He has served at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since 1991.

Joseph is a recognized expert in strategic foresight, strategic planning, and annual planning, environmental sociology and social science methodologies, sustainability science, environmental technology, performance measurement and management, data quality, ecological risk assessment, comparative risk assessment, project management, and program analysis. In addition to his work at EPA, he led several international projects, including a comparative risk analysis of air pollution in Israel, an international expert panel on environmental health, and ecological risk assessment in Slovakia and The Netherlands He is also a regular guest lecturer at the American University, Washington, DC. on the topics of ecological risk assessment and critical theory and international environmental policy.

Greenblott holds a Ph.D. from George Mason University in environmental science and public policy, a M.Sc. in Environmental Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and a B.A. in psychology from the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Contact Information:; 202-564-4250