Hunter Adams

Hunter is the Laboratory Supervisor and Technical Manager of Microbiology and Inorganic Chemistry for the Cypress Water Purification Laboratory City of Wichita Falls, TX. He holds a BS in Biology and an MS in Biology from Midwestern State University. He is a licensed Class A Water Operator and Class C Wastewater Treatment Operator by the State of Texas. He is also a Certified Water Professional and certified in Infrastructure Protection and Infrastructure Disaster Management by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service of Texas A&M University. Hunter has contributed to several AWWA publications. Hunter serves as a TCEQ EnviroMentor, an APHL Environmental Laboratory Sciences Committee Member, and a TAWWA Water Science and Research Division Committee Member. He has extensive experience with TOC, IC, ICP-MS, GC-MS/ECD, FTIR, qPCR, and flow cytometry.

Contact Information: HUNTER.ADAMS@WICHITAFALLSTX.GOV; 940-691-1153