Accreditation/Certification Program Profile

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
1021 North Grand Avenue East
P.O. Box 19276
Springfield, IL 62794-9276
Accreditation/Certification Program Type
Other: Illinois Environmental Laboratory Accreditati
Recognizes accreditation from NELAP ABs: Yes
Accredtation required: Yes
Labs required to obtain accreditation: All labs submitting community water supply water compliance data to the Illinois EPA, Bureau of Water, Compliance Assurance Section
Reciprocity agreements: Y-NELAP states
Accreditation Program Contact:   Laboratory Contact:
3/2/11 position vaca
Janet Cruse
Fields of Accreditation
DW NPW SCM Air Tissue
Other: N
Initial Application Fee (One time fee for laboratories newly entering the program) $1,500.00 Annual Fees Base Administrative Fee $2,400.00 Drinking Water Organics Accreditation Fee $1,000.00 Drinking Water Inorganics Accreditation Fee $1,000.00 Wastewater Organics Accreditation Fee $1,000.00 Wastewater Inorganics Accreditation Fee $1,000.00 Solid Waste Organics Accreditation Fee $1,000.00 Solid Waste Inorganics Accreditation Fee $1,000.00
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The IL ELAP is operated by the Division of Laboratories, QA Section. The IL ELAP operates under Title 35, Subtitle A, Chapter II, Part 186: "Accreditation of Laboratories For Drinking Water, Wastewater and Hazardous Waste Analyses:" The IL ELAP will accredit laboratories for organic and inorganic analytes as set forth in the enclosed rules, Part 186: ACCREDITATION OF LABORATORIES FOR DRINKING WATER, WASTEWATER AND HAZARDDOUS WASTE ANALYSES. The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) will accredit labs for drinking water microbiological parameters. Applications for IDPH (217/782-6562) laboratory accreditation can be obtained by contacting the IDPH. ***On August 1, 2010 the IL ELAP, due to staffing and resource limitations, initiated a moratorium on the primary accreditation of out-of-state labs. The accreditation of in-state labs will not be affected. The out-of-state moratorium has been implemented by taking the following specific actions: No applications or fees from out-of-state labs seeking initial primary accreditation will be accepted in 2011 or until the moratorium has been lifted. No renewal applications or fees for primary accreditation from any out-of-state labs will be accepted in 2011. The IL ELAP will continue to accept all applications for secondary accreditation and process those in the required time frame. If you have any specific questions about applications or certificates please contact Janet Cruse.