Accreditation/Certification Program Profile

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
602 N. Fifth St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-4313
Accreditation/Certification Program Type
Other: State Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC Part I - Office of the Secretary, Subpart 3, Chapters 45-59)
Recognizes accreditation from NELAP ABs: Yes
Accredtation required: Y commerical labs submitting data to LDEQ; In-house laboratories and in-state government laboratories are exempt from specified accreditation requirements
Labs required to obtain accreditation: C
Reciprocity agreements: Y-NELAP Primacy states
Accreditation Program Contact:   Laboratory Contact:
Paul Bergeron
Fields of Accreditation
DW NPW SCM Air Tissue
Other: Y-Asbestos
Accreditation application fee payable every thre years $660; Per major test category payable every year $330; Minor conventional category payable every year $264; Annual surveillance and evaluation applicable to minor conventional facilities and facilities applying for only one category of accreditation $330; Proficiency samples biannually to be purchased by the laboratory; Bioassay/biomonitoring annually to be purchased by the laboratory; LELAP audit expenses to be invoiced to the laboratory after assessment; Third-party audit to be billed directly to the laboratory.
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NELAP offered with the exception of those lab analyses accredited under the regulatory & statutory authority of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (drinking water). Annual renewal date - July 1.