Accreditation/Certification Program Profile

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
Cogswell Bldg 1400 Broadway
P.O. Box 202951
Helena, MT 59620
Accreditation/Certification Program Type
Recognizes accreditation from NELAP ABs: Yes
Accredtation required: Y if submitting data for compliance to DEQ under SDWA
Labs required to obtain accreditation: All
Reciprocity agreements: Y-EPA or NELAP certified
Accreditation Program Contact:   Laboratory Contact:
Russell Leu
Janet Stetzer
Fields of Accreditation
DW NPW SCM Air Tissue
Other: N
(a) $250 with an application for an initial microbiology or chemistry license or renewal of a microbiology or chemistry license; (b) $150 for an inspection to determine if the holder of a provisional license qualifies for a full license; (c) $250 plus travel expenses for a second inspection during the three year term of a license that is necessary for approval of a new laboratory location; there is no charge for one inspection during the term of the license; (d) $300 annually for a chemistry license; (e) $200 annually for a microbiology license; (f) $125 per day for training in the environmental laboratory; (g) $250 per day, plus travel expenses of environmental laboratory staff, for on site training and technical assistance outside of licensure inspections by the environmental laboratory. These fees will be update in August 2011.
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Mr. Leu is the certification officer for chemistry; Ms. Stetzer is the certification officer for microbiology