Accreditation/Certification Program Profile

North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Division of Water Quality
1601 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1601
Accreditation/Certification Program Type
Recognizes accreditation from NELAP ABs: No
Accredtation required: Commercial laboratories are required to obtain certification for parameters which will be reported by the client to comply with State surface water monitoring, groundwater, and pretreatment Rules. Municipal and Industrial Laboratories are required to obta
Labs required to obtain accreditation: Municipal, Industrial, Commercial, Field, Other
Reciprocity agreements: Y-NELAP state and other equivalent state programs for initial certification only
Accreditation Program Contact:   Laboratory Contact:
Kent Wiggins
Dana Satterwhite
919/733-3908 x
Fields of Accreditation
DW NPW SCM Air Tissue
Other: N
Field Lab Only Certification: 1) Muncipal Lab & Industrial Lab $100/yr; 2) Commercial Lab $200/yr. Non-Field Lab Certification: $300 application fee + 1)Muncipal Lab, Industrial Lab, Other Lab: $50 Inorganic parameter; $100/metal & organic parameter; Minimum $1350/yr; 2)Commercial Lab: $50 Inorganic parameter; $100/metal & organic parameter; Minimum $2700/yr;
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North Carolina Administrative Code, 15A NCAC 2H .0800 is rule governing the North Carolina Wastewater/Groundwater Laboratory Certification (NC WW/GW LC) program; as of 2/16/11 Lab Certification Branch Manager position was vacant. 02/2011 NC DENR is in the process of changing their website and not all portals work as hyperlink. Copy and paste the url if having problems. PT links here are new as of 2/14/11