Accreditation/Certification Program Profile

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection - Office of Quality Assurance
401 East State Street
P.O. Box 420, Mail Code 401-02D
Trenton, NJ 08625-0420
Accreditation/Certification Program Type
Other: 0
Recognizes accreditation from NELAP ABs: Yes
Accredtation required: Yes, no laboratory other than an NJDEP certified laboratory shall analyze samples for the purpose of establishing compliance with any NJDEP regulatory program.
Labs required to obtain accreditation: Accreditation is required for all testing performed for compliance with NJDEP programs.
Reciprocity agreements: Yes, however, reciprocity can only be granted if the laboratory is NELAP accredited by a State recognized as a NELAP Accreditation Body. Reciprocity is only offered within the NJ-NELAP program, and reciprocity is not an option in the NJ State certificati
Accreditation Program Contact:   Laboratory Contact:
Michele Potter
Rachel Ellis
Fields of Accreditation
DW NPW SCM Air Tissue
Initial application fee = $4400 + certification category fees, renewal application fee =$4100 + certification category fees; category fees range from $235-$1676 per category. Additional costs for auditing out-of-state laboratories, and in-house method reviews may apply.
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There are two ways to become accredited within NJ. NELAP accreditation; or New Jersey State Certification through the NJ Environmental Laboratory Certification Program (NJ-ELCP). Reciprocity is only an option within the NJ-NELAP program and only through a NELAP recognized State program. There is no discount of fees for secondary NELAP accreditation. A laboratory shall not apply for or maintain simultaneous certification in the NJ-NELAP and NJ-ELCP.