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The 2021 EPA Method Update Rule

June 22, 2021 - Webinar

Course Description:

This webinar will summarize the Method Update Rule finalized by EPA in May 2021 that will become effective in July 2021.  This rule approved new methods, or changes to existing methods, that affects over 100 EPA methods, Standard Methods, ASTM methods, and other test procedures in 40 CFR Part 136. The rule also contains a number of clarifications relating to approved methods, sample preservation and holding times, and method modifications.

Class participants will:

  • Understand what methods are currently approved and which ones are no longer approved.
  • Understand how to read a Federal Register notice which changes existing regulations.
  • Understand the important new footnote to Table 1B relating to the use of Standard Methods.

Course Agenda

  • Overview and How to Read the Federal Register
  • New and Revised Methods
    • EPA
    • Standard Methods
    • ASTM
    • Other
  • Other Changes
    • Table 1A and 1H
    • Table 1B
    • Method modifications
    • Other minor corrections
  • Implementation

Intended Audience:

  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Laboratory Analysts


$35 per person for TNI members
$50 per person for TNI non-members
$150 per group of 5-10 students at same location for TNI members
$210 per group of 5-10 students at same location for TNI non-members

No certificates are automatically provided with this training. A Certificate of Completion (CoC) or Certificate of Attendance (CoA) may be purchased for $30 per person during registration or webcast purchase. A passing score of at least 70% must be received on the exam in order to receive CEUs and a CoC. Scores of less than 70% will receive a Certificate of Attendance. To receive your certificate, contact Suzanne Rachmaninoff at with date of purchase and date of training completion. See FAQs for additional information.


Start Date:
Tuesday 22nd June 2021, 12:00pm EDT

90 minutes

CEUs: 0.2

Presented By:

Jerry Parr, Catalyst Information Resources; Patsy Root, IDEXX; and William Lipps, Shimadzu

About the Presenter:

Jerry Parr is the Principal Scientist with Catalyst Information Resources, a company focused on providing current relevant information on environmental laboratory issues. He also serves as the Executive Director for The NELAC Institute, serves on the Advisory Board for the Environmental Laboratory Washington Report, and is the conference organizer for the National Environmental Monitoring Conference. He has a BS in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin and has 40 years of experience in environmental analytical chemistry.

Patsy Root has over 13 years’ experience in water microbiology, water-related regulations and environmental laboratory accreditation.  She has worked with a variety of regulatory agencies worldwide in attaining regulatory approval for IDEXX methods and on Validation/verification of methods. Patsy is a long-time participant in various standards development organizations including with TNI, Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater and ASHRAE. The list of her affiliations is extensive.  She has been a member of the TNI Board of Directors and currently serves as Secretary to the Board.  She is also the Chair of the Policy Committee, past chair of the Microbiology Expert Committee and Microbiology Proficiency Testing Expert Committee.

William Lipps has over 35 years’ experience as a chemist and manager of industrial and environmental laboratories, product specialist, product manager, and marketing of both laboratory services and instruments. William is chair of ASTM Committee D19 on water, is an Editor for Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, and a US delegate to ISO TC147 water chemistry. William is general manager of government and regulatory business development at Shimadzu.