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Introduction to Microbiological Testing

August 5, 2022: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

On-Site Training at the Environmental Measrurement Symposium, Crystal City, VA

Course Description:

Understanding Microbiology Training Series Summary
This series will focus on microbiological testing of environmental samples. The series will not train to the TNI Standard, but rather will cover basic and advanced microbiological principals and how to implement requirements of Volume 1 Module 5 of the 2016 TNI Standard. The courses in this series will cover an (1) introduction to microbiological testing as well as testing techniques, (2) quality control, equipment/instrumentation verification, and media reagent preparation, and (3) in-depth information on microbiological methods and technologies. Analysts and assessors seeking to expand their knowledge beyond the Standard can do so by learning in-depth information on microbiological testing.

Part 1: Introduction to Microbiological Testing
This first course will provide participants with a general understanding of microbiological testing, techniques, method scopes and limitations, QC and technologies.
Topics addressed will include:

  • Microbiological Analytes
  • Microbiological Sample Integrity
  • Microbiological Lingo
  • Microbiological Positive And Negative Controls
  • Basic Microbiological Techniques Such As Serial Dilutions, Sterilization and Aseptic Technique
  • Microbiological Test Methods Across Multiple Programs
  • Microbiological Technologies and Associated Methods

Intended Audience:

This course is designed for Accreditation Bodies, Assessors, Internal Auditors, Quality Managers, Analysts, and Laboratory Managers.


$125 per person, available as an optional add-on to your Environmental Measurement Symposium registration.

Certificates of Completion are included with the course upon successful completion of the exercises and an overall exam score of at least 70%. A Certificate of Attendance will be provided if the two requirements for a Certificate of Completion are not met. Please contact Ilona Taunton at for copies of any quizzes not already provided with the training material and/or any questions regarding your certificate.

In Person

Start Date:
Friday 5th August 2022, 9:00am EDT

3 hours

CEUs: 0.3

Presented By:

TNI Microbiology Expert Committee

About the Presenter:
The Microbiology Expert Committee develops and maintains consensus standards for microbiology that support TNI programs.