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Workshop Excellence Webinar Series
Practical Implementation of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Requirements

March Topic:

Method Selection and Validation

An Essential Component of the Measurement Process

March 1, 2013 (Fri) 12-2pm EST

Course Description:

Who Should Attend?

  • Data Users
  • Laboratory Management
  • Quality Assurance and Technical Staff
  • Assessors

This 2-hour interactive webinar reviews materials and techniques that laboratories, data users and assessors can use to successfully address the challenges of complying with the TNI Standard, and the 2012 EPA Method Update Rule ( MUR) while implementing effective and scientifically sound practices for environmental analysis. A strong focus will be on understanding some of the background, theory and practical considerations associated with selecting and validating the proper test methods to be used to generate data of known and documented quality that is scientifically sound and meets accreditation standards.

The method selection and validation requirements in the TNI EL Standard tend to very confusing to laboratory managers and assessors. A good deal of the confusion centers on "what is needed," "why is it needed" and "how does this apply to my small laboratory." This workshop explores the "life cycle of measurement analysis" and the part that proper selection of test methods plays in the overall generation of data of know and documented quality. This session exposes participants to a body of knowledge on methods and options as well as the practical considerations and benefits to proper validation of methods uses.

This workshop is intended to be interactive. The presenters will focus on practical definition and use of these concepts, review of current EPA requirements, the 2009 TNI standard, actual real life options and considerations as well as documenting and retaining validation data. Questions are encouraged and welcome. Several options for participants to provide feedback, including their own experiences, solutions and frustrations will be provided.

Cost: The NELAC Institute (TNI) Member: $89 TNI Non-member: $99
Discounts are available for multiple participants and groups.

The Quality Assurance and Accreditation Brown Bag Series
This is the seventh in a series of webinars focused on the roles and activities of a quality manager in NELAP. The first five of these have been converted into downloadable webcasts. This allows you the opportunity to view the webinar as it was presented at your leisure in a self-paced environment. 

  • Understanding and Implementing LOD and LOQ and their relationship to MDL and PQL
  • Corrective Action Process and Root Cause Analysis
  • Ethics for the Environmental Professional
  • Establishing an Effective Data Integrity Plan
  • Establishing Effective Internal Audits and Management Review Procedures
  • Defining Organizational Responsibilities

These webcasts can be downloaded at: (Click on the On-Demand Training Tab)

These webinars were very well attended and feedback from the participants was very positive.  We hope that you take advantage of this training opportunity.  If you have any questions, please contact Jerry Parr ( Attractive group viewing rates for your laboratory or organization are also available.


Start Date:
Friday 1st March 2013, 12:00pm

2 hours

Presented By:

Jack Farrell

About the Presenter:
Jack Farrell has 34 years of experience in the environmental industry as an analyst, QA professional, technical and general manager of small, medium and large commercial laboratories. He is an experienced environmental manager, laboratory chemist, trainer, and auditor. Mr. Farrell holds degrees in Biological Sciences (Microbiology) and Chemistry and is a professional trainer, consultant and third party assessor for a number of state and federal regulators. Jack Farrell is a Senior Environmental Analyst, President and Founder of Analytical Excellence, Inc. (AEX). Since its inception in 1993, AEX has been an independent strictly confidential consulting firm specializing in environmental laboratory operations, analysis and matters concerning the generation of analytical data to support effective compliance decision-making and aspects of litigation. AEX's clientele consist of well-known small and large laboratory companies, instrument manufacturers, engineering firms, state and federal regulatory agencies and legal practice firms.