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Biographical Sketches
Nominees for the Board of Directors
The NELAC Institute

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Keith Greenaway
Matthew Sica
Patsy Root

Keith Greenaway
ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board
Alexandria, Virginia

Mr. Greenaway is currently responsible for all matters pertaining to policies, practices and attainment of operating goals including development and oversight of P&L, cash flow and forecasting, while reporting directly to the President/CEO.  He is also in charge of selecting, developing and motivating necessary management talent in order to carry out the organization’s strategic direction. Mr. Greenaway has expertise in mergers and acquisitions and has negotiated policies that affect global trade with more than 60 different economies.  He has worked in the accreditation industry for over a decade.  He currently serves as the Vice Chair on the NEFAP Executive Committee, is a member of the Financial Oversight Committee for the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) Executive Committee, is a member of the Board of Director’s Public Policy Advisory Council for the American Society of Quality (ASQ), which advises the ASQ office of the CEO and the Board of Directors on matters of public policy and national/global debate on all matters related to the interests of ASQ.  Mr. Greenaway has also served as Treasurer and as a member of the Inter-American Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC) Executive Committee.

Matthew Sica
Program Manager
Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Augusta, Maine

Matthew Sica has over 20 years of experience in the environmental industry, serving in various positions and roles in private and municipal sector laboratories, a hazardous materials emergency response firm and as a state government program administrator.  He has expertise in management, quality systems assessments, laboratory accreditation and certification, technical monitoring and testing issues, proficiency testing issues, and regulatory issues.  He has served in technical and managerial roles at various laboratories for both chemical and microbiological disciplines. For the last seven years he has been the Program Manager for the Maine Environmental Laboratory Certification Program with the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (MECDC).  He is Chairman for the New England Certification Officers workgroup. He also serves as a member of the TNI Proficiency Testing Executive Committee, a member of the TNI Proficiency Testing Expert Committee, and the Standard Methods Committee (SMC). He has presented over twenty-five training sessions on technical and regulatory issues as well as quality systems throughout New England for NEIWPCC and JETCC. Mr. Sica has a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science from Rutgers University. He is a current Director of TNI.

Patsy Root
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
IDEXX Laboratories
Westbrook, Maine

Ms. Root is responsible for obtaining world-wide government approvals for IDEXX products, for determining the specific content requirement of submission documents and for ensuring internal product development and manufacturing teams provide necessary information. She is responsible for dissemination of regulatory information to various cross-functional teams within IDEXX; participate in New Product Development to assure products’ adherence to current international, regional or local rules and directives and follow any changes or revision to rules and regulations that may impact product line. She works with specific regulatory agencies (such as EPA, AFNOR (FR), DWI(UK), UBA(DE)) and associated Accreditation Bodies toward collective understanding of the needs of these agencies and how IDEXX products can fulfill those needs. Her activities include face-to-face meetings, discussion on rule changes and impact changes may have on both labs and manufacturers. Ms. Root has a BS and Ms in Biochemistry from the University of Maine, is a member of EPA’s environmental Laboratory Advisory Board, a committee member of the joint task group of Standard Methods for Part 9000, and an associate member of TNI’s Quality Systems committee.