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42004/29/2013SOP-3-101 Rev. 1: Voting Procedure for General Business and Laboratory Accreditation MattersSOPView
42106/28/2016SOP-3-102 Rev. 4: Evaluation of Accreditation BodiesSOPView
42211/17/2014SOP-3-103 Rev. 1: Standards Review and AcceptanceSOPView
42301/25/2008SOP-3-104 Rev. 0.1: Dispute Resolution ProcessSOPView
42508/27/2013SOP-3-105 Rev. 2: Standard Interpretation SOPSOPView
42605/24/2015SOP-3-106 Rev. 1: Review of Accreditation Standards for SuitabilitySOPView
42706/12/2011SOP-3-108 Rev. 0: Issuance of Provisional Recognition of Accreditation BodiesSOPView
42804/29/2014SOP-3-112 Rev. 1: Nominations to the TNI Non-Governmental Accreditation Body Recognition CommitteeSOPView
42905/03/2007SOP-4-101 Rev. 3.1: Recommendation and Calculation of Acceptance Limits for Chemical, Radiochemical, and Microbiological Components of Proficiency TestsSOPView
43004/05/2013SOP-4-102 Rev. 1: TNI Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) Dispute Resolution ProcedureSOPView
43103/17/2011SOP-4-104 Rev. 2: Evaluating Proficiency Test Provider AccreditorsSOPView
43204/18/2013SOP-4-105 Rev. 1: PT Program Executive Committee Voting ProcessSOPView
43311/21/2013SOP-4-107 Rev. 1: FoPT Table ManagementSOPView
43411/21/2013SOP-4-107 Rev. 1: FoPT Table Management: Analyte Request FormSOPView
43508/07/2010SOP-5-101 Rev. 0: General Operating ProceduresSOPView
43608/07/2010SOP-5-102 Rev. 0: Voting Procedure for General Business and Field Activities Accreditation MattersSOPView
43708/06/2012SOP-5-102 Rev. 1: Voting Procedure for General Business and Field Activities Accreditation MattersSOPView
43901/13/2015SOP-5-103 Rev. 3: TNI NEFAP Nominating Committee ProcedureSOPView
44008/07/2010SOP-5-104 Rev. 0: Dispute Resolution ProcedureSOPView
44210/09/2014SOP-5-105 Rev. 2: TNI NEFAP Executive Committee Evaluation ProcedureSOPView