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TNI Committee Application

 Most of the work done to further the efforts of TNI to establish and maintain a national accreditation program is performed by the hundreds of volunteers who serve on TNI's boards, committees, and subcommittees. TNI encourages all members to join a committee and actively participate in this effort. Committee members should have the ability to:

Most committees meet by teleconference once a month and in face-to-face meetings twice a year.

TNI members may serve on any committee as Associate Committee Members by registering with the committee chair.

To begin the committee application process, log into the TNI Member page and select the option Committee Application.

Member Page

Note: You must be a member of TNI to serve on a committee, except individuals may apply to serve as an Affiliate Member of Expert Committees without being a member. If you wish to exercise this option, contact the Program Administrator for the Consensus Standards Development Program, Kenneth Jackson, at

If you are not a member of TNI, please join here.