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How to Become a NELAP Accreditation Body

Review the Flow Charts TNI has developed to help you.

Become familiar with the 2009 TNI Standard (purchase with ISO language) and implement a program to comply with the requirements. You may find it helpful to talk to another state that is already a NELAP–recognized accreditation body. An on-line presentation, Accreditation Body Application and Evaluation, is also available for your information.

Decide on the scope of the accreditation you want to provide.

Read TNI SOP 3-102, Evaluation of Accreditation Bodies (note: this SOP has been approved by the NELAP Accreditation Council; final approval by the TNI Policy Committee is pending. See the NELAP Accreditation Council web page for this SOP).

Complete the Accreditation Body Application Form and the following checklists:

Application Completeness Checklist
Checklist to Determine Accreditation Body Compliance
Fields of Accreditation Checklist

Contact the program administrator for application mailing instructions.

At this time, there is no fee required when an application is submitted. However, accreditation body applicants are required to pay travel expenses for evaluators conducting the onsite program assessment.

Questions? Contact Lynn Bradley, NELAP Accreditation Council Program Administrator, at or 540-885-5736.


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