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SOP Templates

The TNI Technical Assistance Committee has developed two template models to aid laboratories in implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for analytical methods used in their laboratory, and for implementing Administrative SOPs (such as data integrity, corrective actions, or handling customer complaints). This document addresses the laboratory method SOPs. The requirements for these SOPs are included in NELAC (2003), “Laboratory Method Manual(s)”.

View sample page from the Method SOP Template
View sample page from the Administrative SOP Template

The templates are available as Microsoft Word documents for $10 each, and are free to anyone who purchases the Quality Manual template.

Quality Manual Template

The new TNI Quality Manual Template is a tool designed for laboratories to help prepare a Quality Manual in compliance with the 2009 or 2016 TNI Standard. The prefabricated sections of the Quality Manual follow the ISO/IEC 17025 outline, but are completely fluid so that you can put sections, examples, links or references anywhere. The Template includes helpful notes, examples and text that can be edited to match each laboratory's particular circumstances. It can be used by a laboratory to create a Quality Manual from scratch or ideas and sections can be used to update a current Quality Manual.

Note: A revised version of this template replaced the previous version on November 17, 2017.  The primary change was combining the multiple files into one file to make the template easier to edit and replacing the reference to the 2009 standard to the 2016 standard.  Since both the 2009 and 2016 standards have the same organization and very comparable content, anyone who purchased the 2009 version does not need to obtain the 2016 version.

View sample pages from the Quality Manual Template:

Section 3 - Introduction and Scope
Section 5 - Quality Systems
Section 27 - Quality Assurance for Environmental Testing

The template is available as a Microsoft Word document for $115 for members or $250 for non-members. If you are a TNI member, do not order the template from this page. Instead, use the purchase button on the members-only page to receive your discount.

Small Laboratory Handbook

The goal of this handbook is to help environmental laboratories, especially small laboratories, take a journey to a new place in the world of laboratory quality systems: The NELAC Institute's (TNI) 2009 Standard. This document is intended to help explain the requirements of the 2009 TNI Standard and to provide environmental laboratories with clear, simple guidance on how to develop the policies and procedures that would allow them to become accredited under the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP).

View sample pages from the Small Laboratory Handbook:

Table of Contents (PDF)
Section 4.15 - Management Review (PDF)

View a presentation on the Small Laboratory Handbook (PowerPoint)

The handbook is available as a Adobe Acrobat PDF for $115 for members or $190 for non-members. TNI members may also purchase the Small Laboratory Handbook and the QAM Template together for $175, a savings of $35. If you are a TNI member, do not order the handbook from this page. Instead, use the purchase button on the members-only page to receive your discount.


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