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Microbiology Expert Committee


The Microbiology Expert Committee develops and maintains consensus standards for microbiology that support TNI programs.

Conference Calls: First Tuesday of the month at 1:30pm ET.

Contact the Committee Chair or Program Administrator to participate in the calls of this committee.

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1. Committee Name:
Microbiology Expert Committee

2. Version: 2

3. Date: 1/16/13

4. Mission Statement: To maintain the microbiology standard (TNI Volume 1, Module 5) based on public input; to provide technical assistance on issues related to microbiology; and, to develop tools that facilitate the implementation of the standard.

5. Program Administrator: Ilona Taunton

6. Committee Members: (indicate Chairperson, insert rows as necessary for additional members)

7. Stakeholder Group: (Accreditation body, laboratory, other)

Robin Cook, Chair

Donna Ruokonen

Patsy Root, Vice-Chair

Elizabeth Turner

Po Chang

Karla Kiegelmann-Fjeld

Mary Robinson

Colin Fricker

Dwayne Burkholder

Deb Waller











8. Objectives: (insert rows as necessary for additional objectives)

Review and revise standards based on input from all stakeholder groups

Ensure that the Standard will produce data of known and documented quality

Provide technical assistance such as responding to Standard Interpretation Requests (SIRs)

Provide technical assistance in developing tools to facilitate the implementation of the standard

Ensure continuity with TNI Volume 1 Modules

9. Success Measures:

  • Improving the Standard, such as by:
    • Increasing the clarity of the intent of the Standard
    • Incorporating advances in technology
  • Timely development of standards
  • Prompt responses to SIRs

10. Key Milestones: (significant events and corresponding dates)

  • Forming the Committee to have balanced representation
  • Completing the Interim Draft Standard
  • Forwarding the Interim Draft Standard to LASEC and the NELAP AC
  • Issuing the Final Standard

11. Considerations: (assumptions/constraints/obstacles/risks)
Committee members are volunteers; limited funding. Committee will need to be brought up to speed on the historical aspect of the current Module.

12. Available Resources:

  • Volunteer committee members
  • TNI Infrastructure
  • Environmental technical community
  • Teleconference services
  • Administrative support
  • Technical editor support
13. Additional Resources Required:
  • Travel funding

14. Anticipated Meeting Schedule:

  • Monthly teleconferences
  • Face to Face meetings during the semiannual TNI Forums
  • Additional teleconferences and/or face-to-face meetings as needed
Robin Cook, Chair
City of Daytona Beach EML
Daytona Beach, FL

Patsy Root, Vice Chair
IDEXX Laboratories
Westbrook, ME

Ilona Taunton, Program Administrator
The NELAC Institute
Mill Spring, NC

Dwayne Burkholder
Pennsylvania DEP
Harrisburg, PA

Vanessa Soto Contreras
Florida DOH
Jacksonville, FL

Kasey Raley
Eurofins Eaton Analytical, Inc
Monrovia, CA

Brad Stawick
Microbac Laboratories, Inc.
Merrillville, IN

Elizabeth Turner
North Texas Municipal Water District
Wylie, TX

Deb Waller
New Jersey DEP
Trenton, NJ

Gary Yakub
Environmental Standards
Valley Forge, PA

Karla Ziegelmann-Fjeld
St. Cloud, MN