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National Environmental Field Activities Program (NEFAP) Executive Committee

The purpose of the National Environmental Field Activities Program (NEFAP) Executive Committee is to establish and implement an accreditation program for field sampling and measurement organizations (FSMOs).

The TNI Standard for FSMOs is modeled after ISO/IEC 17025:2005 "General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories." TNI Standard Volume 1 is the FSMO Competency Standard, which is the same international standard for fixed laboratories. TNI Standard Volume II is the FSMO Accreditation Body (AB) Requirements to Accredit FSMOs. The AB Standard is based on ISO/IEC 17011:2004 "Conformity Assessment - General Requirements For Accreditation Bodies Accrediting Conformity Assessment Bodies."

Conference Calls: To Be Announced

Contact the Committee Chair or Program Administrator to participate in the calls of this committee.

Note: On June 9, 2010, this committee was renamed the NEFAP Executive Committee to reflect a change in the TNI bylaws. Documents such as meeting minutes may show the previous name of this committee, NEFAP Board.

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The purpose of the National Environmental Field Activities Program is to establish and implement a program for the accreditation of field sampling and measurement organizations.

The mission of the NEFAP Executive Committee is to ensure the implementation of a national program for FSMO accreditation that is consistent with the TNI FSMO Standard requirements.  The Executive Committee will support the field accreditation program with appropriate guidance, procedures, and policies to facilitate implementation of these accreditation standards on a national level.  The Executive Committee is committed to establishing and maintaining a program in support of the TNI FSMO standards that will assure continual improvement of FSMO accreditation processes and which incorporate practical, effective, and clear standards of performance that are consistent with the needs of the environmental community as well as regulatory and industry specific requirements.  The NEFAP accreditation assures the organization is technically competent to generate data of known and documented quality that meet the needs of the client.

Strategic Goals and Objectives:

  1. Implement a national accreditation program that is consistent with the TNI FSMO standards
  2. Establish adoption and formal acceptance of the program through an advocacy program including supportive contracts, communications, and direction to the stakeholders as well as input to the Field Activities Expert Committee regarding additional standard needs.
  3. Ensure consistent implementation by the ABs as an integral part of the recognition process including the implementation of AB evaluation protocols, peer review processes, and an open input policy to ensure an effective forum and corrective action process in support of all stakeholders
    1. Implement Recognition Committee that reviews all Evaluations for compliance and consistency and provides final recommendation to the NEFAP EC.
    2. Coordinate evaluations and collection of documents through an Evaluation Coordinator.
  4. Develop field accreditation program guidance, procedures, and policies that meet the needs of the environmental community as well as regulatory and industry specific requirements and are consistent with other national and international standards, avoiding unnecessary duplication and non-value added requirements
  5. Collaborate with affected stakeholders to develop national program that accounts for the needs and interests of all stakeholders while balancing considerations of cost practical concerns, and the quality and consistency of environmental data.
  6. Continually evaluate and establish success measures to target opportunities for improvement.
  7. Develop and maintain the tools (e.g., guidance documents, templates, training materials, etc) necessary for consistent standards implementation and AB recognition.
  • Provide an update on the NEFAP Executive Committee activities and NEFAP to the TNI Board of Directors.


Success Measures:

  • Implementation of an accreditation program that is acknowledged by EPA, government agencies and organizations through contractual requirements for field sampling and measurement organizations.
  • Increasing support and input from stakeholders including ABs, FSMOs, Industry, Regulators and Standards Setting Organizations.
  • Field accreditation standards are adopted by those performing environmental sampling and field measurements, including those not under a regulatory mandate to do so.
  • The field accreditation standards are adopted by accrediting bodies (3rd Party or government agencies) on a voluntary basis or written into regulation where applicable or through contractual arrangements.

Key Milestones for 2014:

  • Review and revise (as needed) all NEFAP SOPs.
  • Complete Technical Evaluations for NEFAP ABs to attain full accreditation status.
  • Work with the Advocacy Committee and Field Activities Expert Committee to make the environmental community aware of NEFAP.
  • Develop and implement procedures to continually evaluate and establish measures to target opportunities for improvement.


  • Volunteer member organization with significant time constraints
  • New organization with limited resources and developing infrastructure
  • Ability to communicate updates and progress to the community at large in a timely fashion.
  • Ability to implement an effective consensus-based accreditation program that both meets the standard requirements and ensures comparable execution of the accreditation process by all accreditation bodies
  • Substantial learning curve for those organizations which have not previously been subjected to rigorous quality requirements and/or accreditation
  • Ability to develop and conduct training programs
  • Authority of government agencies to require FSMO accreditation
  • Stakeholder “buy-in” and acceptance within the industry
  • Industry “politics”

Available Resources:

  • Volunteer committee members
  • Industry experts
  • Existing national and international consensus-based standards
  • EPA Cooperative Agreement
  • TNI Website
  • TNI Advocacy Committee
  • TNI PT Executive Committee
  • Field Activities Expert Committee
  • Other TNI Committees (Expert and Support)
  • Dedicated TNI support resources
  • Participating organizations
  • and Webex for conference calls
  • Member database

Additional Resources Required:

  • None

Anticipated Meeting Schedule:

  • Where Practical - Monthly Executive Committee Teleconferences (schedule to be posted in advance of actual meetings)
  • Additional teleconferences as needed
  • Executive Committee meetings (face-to-face) during semiannual TNI Forums (Winter and Summer)
Justin Brown, Chair
Environmental Monitoring and Technologies
Morton Grove, IL

Ilona Taunton, Program Administrator
The NELAC Institute
Mill Spring, NC

Janis La Roux, Vice Chair
H&P Mobile Geochemistry, Inc.
Carlsbad, CA

Doug Berg
Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc.
Troy, MI

Paul Bergeron
Louisiana DEQ
Baton Rouge, LA

Michelle Bradac
Frederick, MD

Nilda Cox
Eurofins Eaton Analytical
Monrovia, CA

Calista Daigle
Dade Moeller
Port Allen, LA

Kirstin Daigle
Stone Environmental Inc.
Montpelier, VT

Seb Gillette
Department of Defense - AFCEC

Morgan Greenwald
Montpelier, VT

Shawn Kassner
Neptune and Company, Inc.
Lakewood, CO

Carl Kircher
Florida DOH
Jacksonville, FL

Cheryl Morton
AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC
Falls Church, VA

Harry O'Neill
Beacon Environmental Services, Inc.
Bel Air, MD

Zaneta Popovska
Fort Wayne, IN

Richard Rago
Haley & Aldrich, Inc.
Rocky Hill, CT

Russell Schindler
Traverse City, MI

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