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upcoming live training:

The 2021 EPA Method Update Rule
Webinar by Jerry Parr, Catalyst Information Resources; Patsy Root, IDEXX; and William Lipps, Shimadzu, Starts Jun 22, 2021

Brown Bag 11: Contracts and Tenders & Service to Client Requirements and Implementation Ideas
Webinar by Mei Beth Shepherd, Starts Jun 28, 2021

Understanding Data, Data Review and Data Management for Chemical Testing
Webinar by Silky and John Labie, Starts Jul 12, 2021

Electronic Records Management
Webinar by Tony Francis, Starts Jul 16, 2021

Technical Writing for Environmental Method SOPs
Webinar by Jack Farrell, Starts Jul 20, 2021

Environmental Laboratory Assessments - Basic Assessor Training: Virtual Event
Webinar by Marlene Moore, Starts Aug 23, 2021

Basic Statistics for Environmental Laboratories
Webinar by Tony Francis, Starts Sep 03, 2021

How to Properly and Scientifically Calibrate an Analytical System
Webinar by Jack Farrell, Starts Sep 16, 2021

Introduction to Proper and Scientific Integration Techniques for Chromatographic Systems
Webinar by Jack Farrell, Starts Dec 07, 2021

latest on-demand training

Implementing the 2016 TNI Standard
Webcast by Silky and John Labie