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How to Become a NEFAP FSMO Accreditation Body

Review the following flowcharts:

  1. The Application Process to Become an Accrediting Body for NEFAP (pdf)
  2. The On-Site AB Program NEFAP Evaluation Process (pdf)

Note: The AB Evaluation process is undergoing changes to a combined evaluation process, but these flowcharts are still helpful. Details for the current process can be found in SOP 7-101 (see link below).

Become familiar with the General Requirements for Accreditation Bodies Accrediting Field Sampling and Measurement Organizations (FSMO-V2-2014), and implement a program to comply with the requirements.

Read TNI SOP 7-101, TNI Accreditation Body Evaluation and Recognition Procedure used by the PT Program Executive Committee and NEFAP Executive Committee.

The new Standard (FSMO-V2-2014) goes into effect on March 15, 2016. If you purchased a copy of the 2007 Standard, please contact Ilona Taunton ( for an updated copy. A comparison between the 2007 verse the 2014 standard can be found by clicking here.

To submit an application, please contact the Evaluation Coordinator, Ilona Taunton, at

An AB Checklist is available to help you prepare. You must own a copy of Volume 2 of the TNI NEFAP Standard that includes the ISO language, or own a copy of ISO 17011, in order to download the checklist.

New information will be added to this site as information is available. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document is available to assist ABs in the application and evaluation process. It can be viewed by clicking on this link: FAQ - AB Evaluation Process (PDF).

Questions? Contact Ilona Taunton, NEFAP Program Administrator, at or Kirstin Daigle, NEFAP Executive Committee Chair, at