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Radiochemistry Expert Committee


The mission of this committee is to maintain the radiochemistry standard (TNI Environmental Sector Volume 1, Module 6) based on public input; to provide technical assistance on issues related to radiochemistry; and, to develop tools that facilitate the implementation of the standard.

Conference Calls: 4th Wednesday, 1:00pm - 2:30pm ET

Contact the Committee Chair or Program Administrator to participate in the calls of this committee.

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Terry Romanko, Chair
TestAmerica Laboratories, Inc. (St. Louis)
Earth City, MO

Ilona Taunton, Program Administrator
The NELAC Institute
Mill Spring, NC

Robert Aullman
Utah DOH
Taylorsville, UT

Yoon Cha
Eurofins Eaton Analytical, Inc
Monrovia, CA

Sherry Faye
Albany, NY

Candy Friday
CdFriday Environmental, Inc
Katy, TX

Velinda Herbert
USEPA - National Analytical Environmental Laboratory
Montgomery, AL

Ron Houck
PA DEP/Bureau of Laboratories
Harrisburg, PA

Brian Miller
ERA (A Waters Company)
Golden, CO

Greg Raspanti
Fair Hills, PA

Pepa Sassin
Ellicott City, MD