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Stationary Source Audit Sample Program
Central Database

The Central Database is the repository for data related to audit performance being evaluated in accordance with the TNI SSAS Program.

For more information about the TNI SSAS Program, visit the SSAS home page.

SSAS ID Request Form
This form is used request a Laboratory ID, Stationary Source Tester ID, or Regulator ID

Tip: Not sure if your organization already has a SSAS ID? Check the SSAS ID spreadsheet linked below. The spreadsheet has separate tabs for labs, testers, and regulators.

Current SSAS IDs (Microsoft Excel) - updated 10-29-2019
Current SSAS IDs (csv files in a single ZIP) - updated 10-29-2019

Regulator Account Request Form
This form is used by regulators to request access to view data in the Central Database.

Provider Tools

Electronic Deliverable Specification 0.4 (PDF)
Example EDD (csv and Excel files in a single ZIP)
Data Revision Request Form (for already submitted data)
EDD Upload


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