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TNI Policies, Standard Operating Procedures and Governance Documents

The Policy Committee is responsible for generating general policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) applicable across all of TNI and reviewing other policies and SOPs for consistency and clarity. Other TNI programs create and approve policies and SOPs that are applicable to their program. As mentioned in the TNI bylaws, the TNI Board of Directors reviews all policies and SOPs for fiscal impact to the organization and risk. The policies and SOPs below designated as “Provisional” have been approved by the committee that developed the policy or SOP. Policies and SOPs identified as "Final" have also been endorsed by the Policy committee and confirmed by the TNI Board of Directors.
If you have any questions or comments concerning these policies or SOPs,
please contact TNI.

TNI Governance Documents

The documents below all relate to general topics related to the governance of TNI.

Articles of Incorporation

Bylaws (2017, Rev 7)

Code of Ethics

Quality Management Plan

Strategic Plan


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Title Number
Creating or Revising General Policies for TNI POL-1-100
Conflicts of Interest POL-1-101
Ethical Conduct of TNI Members POL-1-102
Use of TNI Symbols and Marks POL-1-103
Management of Records POL-1-104
Creation and Use of Guidance POL-1-105
Use and Ownership of TNI Developed Materials POL-1-106
Membership Code of Ethics POL-1-107
TNI Complaints POL-1-108
Whistleblower Protection POL-1-109
Open Meetings POL-1-110
Accounting Policies and Procedures for Administration of Assistance Agreements - General POL-1-111
TNI Travel Policy POL-1-112
Accounting Policies and Procedures for Administration of Assistance Agreements: Procurement Policy POL-1-113
Use of PowerPoint Presentations POL-1-115
Training Courses POL-1-116
Accounting Policies and Procedures for Administration of Assistance Agreements - Property Management and Control POL-1-117
Accounting Policies and Procedures for Administration of Assistance Agreements - Reporting POL-1-118
Accounting Polcies and Procedures for Administration of Assistance Agreements - Recording Direct Labor Charges POL-1-119
Accounting Policies and Procedures for Administration of Assistance Agreements : Conflicts of Interest POL-1-120
Determining Stakeholder Category of Committee Members POL-1-122
Literature at TNI Meetings POL-1-123
Corporate Governance POL-1-124
The NELAC Institute Code of Ethics POL-1-125
Attendance at TNI Board Meetings POL-1-126
Personal Data Protection POL-1-127
Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment in TNI Programs and Activities POL-1-128
Expected Conduct of Participants in TNI Activities POL-1-129

Standard Operating Procedures
Title Number
Format Guidelines for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) of The NELAC Institute (TNI) SOP-1-100
Operations of TNI Committees SOP-1-101
Decision-Making Rules for TNI Committees and Board SOP-1-102
Control of TNI Documents SOP-1-104
Process for Creating Guidance SOP-1-105
General Complaint Resolution Process SOP-1-106
Nominations to TNI Board SOP-1-108
Establishing, Maintaining and Validating Analyte and Method Codes SOP-1-109
Educational Delivery System SOP-1-110
TNI Newsletter Preparation and Distribution SOP-1-115
Development and Approval of TNI Policies and SOPs SOP-1-116
Continuing Education Units SOP-1-117
Development of Position Statements SOP-1-118
Travel Procedures SOP-1-119
TNI Elections and Voting Process SOP-1-121
Advocacy Document Control SOP-1-122
Personal Data Collection and Use SOP-1-123
TNI Internal Audits SOP-1-124