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NEFAP Standard Interpretations

TNI has established an avenue for resolution of questions submitted electronically on interpretation of the Field Sampling and Measurement Organization (FSMO) Standard - Volume 1 and Volume 2. The method for submittal is to complete an on-line form (available here). Use of this entry form ensures that a question is automatically accepted, cataloged and emailed to the NEFAP Executive Committee Chair and the TNI Program Administrator for review. A consensus of these individuals shall determine who oversees the final disposition of the question. Publication of the consensus resolution is then made to the affected parties via email and on this page. The final interpretation must be implemented by the NEFAP recognized Accreditation Bodies (ABs), assessors and accredited FSMOs. The interpretation is in effect until such a time as the Standard is changed or another interpretation has been issued.

Section Subject
3.1 Environmental Sampling Personnel Associated with the Accreditation Body
7.11.3 Note Reassessment and Surveillance
Appendix C (b) Suspended accreditation