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Biographical Sketches - Nominees for the TNI NEFAP Executive Committee

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Paul Bergeron
Ms. Nilda B. Cox
Calista Daigle
Carl Kircher

Paul Bergeron
LELAP Supervisor

  • Vice-Chair of the NELAP AC since 2013
  • Charter member of the NEFAP Recognition Committee
  • Charter member of the NEFAP Strategic Planning and Marketing Subcommittee
  • Chair of the NEFAP Mobile Laboratory Subcommittee since 2014
  • Assessor for the Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program 2000-2004; Supervisor of the Program since 2007
  • Completed TNI EL evaluator training in 2011 and served as lead evaluator for the 2009 Florida evaluation; served/serving as team member for the 2011 Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals evaluation and 2016 Minnesota evaluation
  • Completed TNI FSMO evaluator training in 2012 and NGAB evaluator training in 2015
  • Volunteer Emergency Responder for the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Capitol Region Office since 2013 (includes field sampling and measurement)
  • 12 years of analytical experience in commercial and municipal laboratories, 8 years of supervisory experience, 1 year as laboratory director


Ms. Nilda B. Cox
Quality Assurance (QA)/Regulatory Consulting Manager
Eurofins Eaton Analytical

Nilda Cox is EEA’s a regulatory manager and QA Officer and has over 20 years of environmental laboratory experience in Quality Assurance including hazardous waste management and safety compliance in the laboratory.

Her experience also includes eight years as senior chemist and supervisor of QA/QC Methods Development Group, Chemistry Department and in-charge of the Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Program for a medical device company.  Additional experience includes six years in Research and Development in the field of agriculture.    

In addition to supporting internal QA/QC, Ms. Cox serves as a resource for numerous outside entities under the drinking water and waste water programs , providing consulting services and auditing for about 10  years in the area of QA/QC to assist them in the development of their own in-house lab  Quality  Programs including  Field and Sampling and Measurements  organizations   and assuring compliance to relevant regulations.

Ms Cox  is  currently the Vice Chair of  the TNI  LAB Accreditation Committee  and  member of  the NEFAP Executive Committee  thus  she is able to provide insights  to  current and future trends in quality assurance as per ISO/IEC 17025 and onsite assessments as per ISO/IEC 17011:  current versions

Calista Daigle
Technical and Program Director
Dade Moeller

Ms. Daigle is currently the Technical and Program Director for Dade Moeller’s support to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA), Deep Water Horizon Incident Response. These efforts include establishing and implementing procedures and processes to manage samples collected from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  Sampling operations associated with these activities are based on the NELAC and NEFAP standards.  Ms. Daigle actively provides technical training, procedural direction, document coordination and quality improvement related to the sample collection process.  Ms. Daigle has directed up to 150 individuals in these efforts over the past several years.

Ms. Daigle has over twenty years of experience in environmental laboratory analysis and sampling, including QA plan development and implementation, standard operating procedure development, training, assessing, and data validation.  She has extensive experience in assessing facilities for compliance with the NELAC standards, LAC Title 33 and various regulatory methods.  Her previous responsibilities included coordinating the processing of samples from receipt to reporting in an analytical laboratory, performing NELAC compliant assessments, writing and implementing standard operating procedures and quality assurance plans as well as analytical data review and validation.

Ms. Daigle has been member of the NEFAP executive committee charged with developing the program for accrediting field sampling and measurement organizations since 2010.  In this capacity she played an integral role in producing the FSMO standards via TNI.  She is well versed in sampling procedures and associated field activities and has served as lead assessor for field sampling audits.  Ms. Daigle also sits on the Policy committee for TNI writing, reviewing and approving policies that define TNI.

Carl Kircher
Florida DOH - Jacksonville, FL

I have served on the NEFAP EC for one term already, and I have tried my best to keep up with other volunteer activities in TNI, such as Chair of the Lab AB Expert Committee, serving on the NELAP AC, and LASEC and its SIR Subcommittee, the CSDPEC (ex officio), Chemistry FoPT Subcommittee, and representing TNI on ANSI’s ICAC and ISO CASCO’s Technical Interface Group (TIG).  I am trying my best to make sure I keep up with the major overhauls coming to ISO/IEC 17025 and 17011, inclusive of making sure that TNI accreditation bodies and conformity assessment bodies (FSMOs, PT providers, and laboratories) can implement the standards as revised.