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TNI Committee Application

 Most of the work done to further the efforts of TNI to establish and maintain a national accreditation program is performed by the hundreds of volunteers who serve on TNI's boards, committees, and subcommittees. TNI encourages all members to join a committee and actively participate in this effort. Committee members should have the ability to:

  • Cooperate effectively with other stakeholders;
  • Have effective communication skills;
  • Commit a significant amount of time over a 3-year period;
  • Understand in general the technical and/or policy issues pertaining to national environmental accreditation; and
  • Have skills relative to the activities of the particular committee to which they have applied.

Most committees meet by teleconference once a month and in face-to-face meetings twice a year.

Once you complete the application, it will be forwarded to the Program Administrator (PA) of that committee for review. In reviewing the application the following factors will be considered:

  • A committee may have reached its maximum number of members.
  • An applicant’s stakeholder group may put the committee out of balance.
  • An applicant may not have the expertise  or experience needed by the committee.

If the committee has an opening for a voting committee member and the applicant’s stakeholder group maintains committee balance as applicable, interest is confirmed with the applicant and committee procedures are followed for voting in new members on the committee in an expeditious manner.  If no opening exists because of the factors above, the individual will be granted Associate status and allowed to participate as a non-voting member.