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What Does QC Data Tell Me… and Why Should I Care?


Test methods specify certain QC measures that must be performed. In some cases, there is little information on how to evaluate the results, and there is rarely any justification for performing the measure. Many analysts perform the QC measures because "the method or the TNI Standard requires it", but do not understand the purpose of the measurement, or how the results help to characterize the quality of the related sample set. Moreover, as one university researcher lamented "they don’t teach this stuff in college" which means that understanding QC is learned on the job, if at all.


This course will identify the basic QC measures or concepts, discuss how each should be prepared and the rationale behind the frequency of analysis, and finally, how the results should be evaluated and the significance and impact of the results on the related sample set. The course is based on a combination of essential quality control concepts outlined in TNI ELV1M2 and EPA 40 CFR Part 136.7. Examples from various technical disciplines (radiochemistry, chemistry, etc.) will be used to illustrate how the concept is used in different situations. Completion of the course will provide the attendees with an understanding of why Quality Control Measures are important and will empower them to use the data more effectively in assessing and improving the overall laboratory data quality.


Quality Control Concept and Strategies - how much is too much?
Essential Quality Controls: TNI ELV1M2, EPA 40 CFR Part 136.7

  • What it tells us
  • Why should I care?
  • What do I do?

Audience participation is encouraged! Examples of QC measures in different technical areas, including applicable preparation will be presented for discussion.

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Silky Labie

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The principals of ELCAT, LLC collectively have over 70 years of experience in laboratory and field quality management. ELCAT, LLC provides extensive training of laboratory and field personnel in sampling techniques, quality management and training that addresses the requirements of the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP). It performs readiness audits for laboratories who desire to improve their quality system for the purposes of NELAP accreditation. ELCAT presents training and presentations on quality-related topics such as method performance, data integrity, corrective and preventive actions, root-cause analysis, data usability, and the role of quality managers. The company is used exclusively by the University of Florida Center for Training, Research & Education for Environmental Occupations (TREEO) for all off-site training of field personnel. It is regularly asked to provide presentations at the Florida Society of Environmental Analysts (FSEA) meetings. ELCAT, LLC has also provided training and presentations for New York City, the State of Virginia, and The NELAC Institute (TNI).