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Internal Audits: Auditing the Management System in Environmental Analytical Laboratories


The course is self-paced and is being offered through a partnering with ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). After an attendee registers for the course, they will receive an email to set-up access to the course and course materials. You will have access to the course for three days of your choosing and you do not need to schedule the course immediately. You will receive a copy of the course presentation as a Handout when you initially register.

The goal of the course is to provide a practical approach for internal auditing to the TNI Environmental Laboratory Standard.


  • Why should you do an internal audit?
  • Standard requirements for an internal audit
  • Practical approaches to internal auditing
  • ISO 19011 Guidance
  • Preparation
  • Audit Team
  • Reporting
  • General discussion on how to audit management system
  • How to write, respond, resolve nonconformities
  • Common lab findings from internal audits
  • Assessment expectations for internal audits of the management system
  • Case studies

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Presented By:

Matt Sica

About the Presenter:
ANAB Instructor Matthew Sica has over 25 years of experience in the environmental industry, serving in various positions and roles in private and municipal sector laboratories and as a state government program administrator. He has gained expertise in laboratory management, management system assessments, laboratory accreditation and certification, technical monitoring and testing issues, proficiency testing issues, and regulatory issues. He had technical and managerial roles at the several laboratories for both chemical and microbiological disciplines. He was the program manager for the MECDC and is an experienced assessor for the Maine Laboratory Certification Rules, the NELAC and TNI standards and the DoD ELAP QSM. Matthew has served nationally as a board member for The NELAC Institute (TNI) Board of Directors, the TNI Proficiency Testing (PT) Executive Committee, and the TNI PT Expert Committee and was the Chairman for the New England Certification Officers workgroup.

Matthew currently is an ANAB Accreditation Manager responsible for Reference Material Producers, Proficiency Test Providers and Medical Laboratories, as well as an assessor and instructor for ANAB.