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Brown Bag 11: Contracts and Tenders & Service to Client Requirements and Implementation Ideas

Course Description:

All laboratories (including captive and municipal laboratories) need to know what work is coming in, when and what it takes to perform the analysis. A laboratory needs to consider how contracts and tenders are handled and what Service to the Client means.

Once a work request is received or inquiries are made it is the laboratory’s responsibility to review if the request can be met and how this review is to be documented. The discussion will include the components required to accomplish a successful review and the generation and maintenance of the documentation of any requested new work, tender and contract.  Additionally, the course will address what constitutes new work in the commercial, captive, and public laboratory and what is considered routine work. Guidance will be given for providing feedback to the client and how to document final decisions made. Fundamental to the training will be working definitions for “Request”, “Tender”, and “Contract” as these terms are often misunderstood, especially in smaller laboratories. 

The objective of the class is to provide guidance in meeting TNI’s 2016 Standard – Section 4.4 - Review of Requests, Tenders and Contracts. A laboratory needs to consider how contracts and tenders are handled.

The class will cover the intent of the Standard’s Section 4.7 Service to the Client by providing ideas on how to ensure your laboratory is meeting your clients’ needs on an ongoing basis. The course will include appropriate discussion topics to have with clients to ensure you are providing services and data that satisfy the needs of the end user.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

Requests, Tenders, and Contracts

  • Learn what requests, tenders, and contracts are.
  • Understand the requirements to review requests, tenders, and contracts in simple as well as complex situations.
  • Determine if your procedures meet the requirements of the standard.
  • Learn how to be on the same page as your clients.

Service to the Client

  • Learn what service to the client means.
  • Understand the requirements to provide service to the client.
  • Determine if your procedures meet the requirements of the standard.
  • Have ways to serve your clients.

Intended Audience:

This course is designed for quality and administrative staff for all laboratories including commercial, captive (in-house) and municipal labs.


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3.5 hours

Presented By:

Mei Beth Shepherd

About the Presenter:

Mei Beth Shepherd is a principal of Shepherd Technical Services,  LLC. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Baylor University in 1986.

With STS, she provides technical consulting services focusing on laboratory quality assurance, laboratory accreditation, operational management, and independent data review and validation. Ms. Shepherd has served as a member of the TNI Information Technology and Policy Committees, and is currently an approved Assessor for DoD/DOE ELAP, and for NELAP.  As part of STS, she performs NELAP assessments for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, The Florida Department of Health, Minnesota Department of Health, and Louisiana Department of Quality as a contractor.

While not travelling the laboratory globe, Mei Beth enjoys spending time with her husband and their two miniature dachshunds.