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TNI Assessment Forum Summer 2021 – Unmasking the 2016 TNI Standard

Course Description:

This is a recording of the Assessor Forum held on August 5, 2021 at the Environmental Measurement Symposium in Bellevue, Washington.

TNI's Assessment Forum is structured to provide an opportunity for laboratories and laboratory assessors to share information on how to improve the laboratory assessment process. The 2021 Forum, Unmasking the 2016 TNI Standard, will focus on findings from laboratory assessors on new language in the 2016 Standard.

% RSE and RE – What is it and how do I use it? – Aaren Alger
We will focus on clarifying the details around the new concept %RE and %RSE, as described in 2016 TNI V1M4: Section which caused some significant misunderstanding and confusion during implementation.

Calibration – Creation, Verification, Large Analyte Lists and Dropping Points – Jeanne Mensingh
An in-depth look at proper calibration, verification, and a detailed look at handling complex analyte lists relative to dropping points.

Method blank and DL (MDL) – Mitzi Miller
The 2016 standard added a requirement to assess blanks as part of the process and this topic gives an in-depth assessor’s look at the relationship between method blanks and detection limit.

LOD/LOQ – Valerie Slaven
Unraveling the details around spike concentration, frequency, data points, and handling failures.

Traceability – Where Does it End? – Shawn Kassner
A comprehensive view of Section 4.13 of the 2016 standard will be given with a focus on SIRs received since the release of the Standard.


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4.5 hours

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TNI Assessment Forum Summer 2021

About the Presenter:
Session moderated by Judy Morgan, with presentations by Aaren Alger, Mitzi Miller, Valerie Slaven, Jeanné Mensingh, and Shawn Kassner