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Managing the Accreditation Process: Laboratories

September 19-20, 2023
11:00am-3:00pm Eastern


Course Description:

Applying for accreditation, and maintaining that accreditation status, is one of the most important and complex tasks that a laboratory manager or quality manager will regularly perform. This course will provide a roadmap for managers to navigate the accreditation process and will provide vital information related to obtaining an initial accreditation. For labs who are already accredited, this course will provide valuable knowledge for ensuring a smooth accreditation renewal process, reducing the chances that the laboratory will face a disruption to their accreditation status. The course will also cover information related to making changes to an existing accreditation certificate.

Expected Benefit of Training


  1. the minimum requirements for NELAP accreditation;
  2. how to develop an accreditation plan;
  3. how to submit an application for accreditation;
  4. the required documents to accompany the application;
  5. which Fields of Accreditation (FOA) to request to ensure they match the AB’s offerings and capabilities of the lab;
  6. how to conduct a pre-assessment meeting;
  7. how to evaluate prior deficiencies, PT results, and corrective actions to be prepared;
  8. how to manage the assessment including interview and records review
  9. how to respond to preliminary findings
  10. the next steps in the accreditation process;
  11. how to professionally interact with the assessor;
  12. how to address the nonconformances, including root cause analyses;
  13. how to write a Corrective Action Plan;
  14. how to implement the promised corrective actions; and
  15. how to add/remove FOAs on an existing accreditation certificate.

Intended Audience:

This course is designed for Quality Manager, Laboratory management, those not familiar with TNI or the accreditation process.


$150 per person for TNI members
$165 per person for TNI non-members
$725 per group of 5-10 students at same location for TNI members
$800 per group of 5-10 students at same location for TNI non-members

No certificates are automatically provided with this training. A Certificate of Completion (CoC) ($30 per person) or Certificate of Attendance (CoA) ($20 per person) may be purchased during or after registration or webcast purchase. A passing score of at least 70% must be received on the exam in order to receive CEUs and a CoC. Scores of less than 70% will receive a Certificate of Attendance at no reduced fee. For a CoA you will not need to take the quiz and you will not receive CEUs. To receive your certificate, contact Paul Junio at [email protected] with date of purchase and date of training completion. See FAQs for additional information.


Start Date:
Tuesday 19th September 2023, 11:00am EDT

4 hours

CEUs: 0.4

Presented By:

Tony Francis

About the Presenter:

Tony Francis received his PhD in chemistry from the University of Utah followed by a post-doctoral appointment at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He then owned and operated a commercial laboratory in Las Vegas, NV for many years. Dr. Francis has taught several introductory and advanced biology and chemistry at Salt Lake Community College, the University of Utah, the University of New Mexico, the College of Southern Nevada, and Utah Valley University. He has delivered many Data Integrity and Ethics training courses to laboratories across the United States. He has created and delivered many online training webinars covering many aspects of quality systems, most recently for IAS.Tony is currently the Lead Assessor for SAW Environmental performing 40+ assessments per year for TCEQ, FDOH, IAS, and A2LA.