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Managing a Data Integrity Investigation


Course Description:

Every laboratory receives questions about the content of their reports or observations about laboratory activities. Sometimes a simple explanation is needed concerning the use of data qualifiers or verifying reported values. Any communication that questions a laboratory activity or product must be taken seriously even when it is from the curmudgeon who routinely calls with seemingly insignificant issues. Concerns or observations about a laboratory’s activities can originate from clients, whistleblowers (internal or external), or from internal or external audits.

Each concern, no matter how trivial, must be investigated. In most cases, the response can be straightforward. However, irregularities in the documentation or records may imply a data integrity issue that must be addressed.

Expected Benefit of Training

Participants will:

  • Better understand what constitutes a data integrity violation and the process for investigating deliberate data integrity violations
  • Understand the basic process for conducting an initial investigation including:
    • How to gather information and evidence
    • How, who and when to notify or inform
    • How to take disciplinary action
    • How to work through initial corrections
    • How to perform Root Cause Analysis
  • Be able to avoid future problems by
    • Conducting a data integrity refresher course for all laboratory staff and
    • Ensuring the appropriate corrective actions have been taken

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the training, participants will:

  • Understand how Data Integrity is incorporated in the Quality System
  • Know how to identify deliberate data integrity violations
  • Know how to organize an investigation of deliberate data integrity violation
    • Determining extent of problem
    • Assembling and reviewing the raw data
    • Interviewing analyst(s) and other personnel
    • Determining and taking appropriate disciplinary actions
  • Know how and whom to notify (and when)
  • Knows how to work through corrections
    • Reprocessing data
    • Reissuing reports
  • Know how to perform Root Cause Analysis to determine final corrective actions
  • Knows how to improve the Quality Management System by
    • Implementing and evaluating appropriate corrective actions
    • Scheduling a data integrity refresher training for staff
    • Implementing any needed changes to the data integrity program

Intended Audience:

This course is designed for Quality Managers, Laboratory and Field Managers, Corporate Management


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6 hours

CEUs: 0.6

Presented By:

Silky and John Labie

About the Presenter:
The principals of ELCAT, LLC collectively have over 70 years of experience in laboratory and field quality management. ELCAT, LLC provides extensive training of laboratory and field personnel in sampling techniques, quality management and training that addresses the requirements of the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP). It performs readiness audits for laboratories who desire to improve their quality system for the purposes of NELAP accreditation. ELCAT presents training and presentations on quality-related topics such as method performance, data integrity, corrective and preventive actions, root-cause analysis, data usability, and the role of quality managers. The company is used exclusively by the University of Florida Center for Training, Research & Education for Environmental Occupations (TREEO) for all off-site training of field personnel. It is regularly asked to provide presentations at the Florida Society of Environmental Analysts (FSEA) meetings. ELCAT, LLC has also provided training and presentations for New York City, the State of Virginia, and The NELAC Institute (TNI).