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Brown Bag 1: Corrective Action Process and Root Cause Analysis
Effectively Resolving Deficiencies - Once and For All!!

The NELAC Institute, in cooperation with Analytical Excellence, Inc., created this 2-hour webcast to present materials and techniques that laboratories, data users and assessors can use to successfully address the challenges posed during the audit process. A strong focus is on eliminating report findings and capitalizing on assessment opportunities to improve the management system and operating performance.

Resolving negative findings in the laboratory quickly and effectively is critical to successfully closing an assessment, but the findings can also provide opportunities for continuous improvement, reducing costs and fostering efficiency. How does management assure that deficiencies are resolved, and their resolution provides value and benefit to project goals and operations long term?

This workshop focuses on actual real life situations and assessment results using root cause analysis tools as well as a suggested process for addressing deficiencies.

This on-demand webcast is a audio/visual recording of a webinar that was recorded on June 8, 2012.

Who should watch?
  • Laboratory QA Managers,
  • Laboratory Assessors
  • Data Users
  • Laboratory Managers


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2 hours


Presented By:

Jack Farrell

About the Presenter:

Jack Farrell has more than 40 years of experience in the environmental industry as an analyst, QA professional, technical and general manager of small, medium and large commercial laboratories. He is an experienced environmental manager, laboratory chemist, trainer, and auditor. Mr. Farrell holds degrees in Biological Sciences (Microbiology) and Chemistry and is a professional trainer, consultant and third party assessor for a number of state and federal regulators.

Jack Farrell is a Senior Environmental Analyst, President and Founder of Analytical Excellence, Inc. (AEX). Since its inception in 1993, AEX has been an independent strictly confidential consulting firm specializing in environmental laboratory operations, analysis and matters concerning the generation of analytical data to support effective compliance decision-making and aspects of litigation. AEX's clientele consist of well-known small and large laboratory companies, instrument manufacturers, engineering firms, state and federal regulatory agencies and legal practice firms.