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Standard Interpretation

Standard: 2003 NELAC
Section: (i)
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The standard states the report should note whether the sample result was calculated on a wet weight or a dry weight basis. The narrative that accompanies every analytical report out of our laboratory states "all sample results are reported on an "as-received" basis unless otherwise noted". My question is why does the report have to note whether it is dry or wet weight a second time, when we have already noted "as-received"?


(NELAP Board, 12-19-08) requires identifying whether data are calculated on a dry weight or wet weight basis Recording sample result as being calculated on the basis of 'as received' does not indicate wet or dry weight basis. As or more importantly, identifying results as having been calculated on an 'as received' basis would not comply with requirements in to report results unambiguously. The laboratory could have a statement: "All results are wet weight unless otherwise noted."