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Standard Interpretation

Standard: 2009 TNI
Section: V2M2, Section 4.1.1 (f)


V2M2, section 4.1.1 f) states: "notify all Secondary ABs of revocation of accreditation of any laboratory in the program." Does this standard language require not only for a Primary AB to notify all Secondary ABs of a total revocation of a laboratory's accreditation, but to also require notification for a partial revocation? We are requesting this SIR since we are debating the interpretation of this requirement within our own program and because we have only been notified by one other AB in regards to total revocation of a laboratory accreditation. We feel there is a need for clarification on how to interpret/implement this requirement and are uncertain if it is being understood and implemented consistently by other ABs.


This standard clause does not delineate between the types of laboratory accreditation revocations, total or partial. The standard should be implemented such that Secondary ABs are notified of any revocation, total or partial, of a laboratory’s accreditation.