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Standard Interpretation

Standard: 2003 NELAC
Section: Appendix C.3.1
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Are there parameters/analytes for which TNI does not require MDLs/LOD? For example, residue(TSS, TDS, TS), BOD.


(Quality Systems Expert Committee and NELAP AC, 3-31-13)

C.3.1 c) states in part 'An LOD study is not required for any component for which spiking solutions or quality control samples are not available such as temperature, or, when test results are not to be reported to the LOD (versus the limit of quantitation or working range of instrument calibration)...' The NELAC Standard doesn't require any LOD determinations unless data are reported below the LOQ, AND a spiking solution or quality control sample is available. The proposed revisions to the TNI standard provide additional clarity to this subject.